Jul 04

Improved methods for the slots

After reviewing most of the best strategies for slot machines online, I came to the conclusion that there is no benefit to the players.

Most strategies are implemented slot machines in traditional casinos. In my humble opinion, the best strategy for playing this game of chance is to sign with an online casino that has the best deposit bonus and recurring vouchers.

The rates offered in payments online casinos vary between 15% and should do research and play in a casino that rewards their time and money with the highest payment.

There are some strategies around how much money is possible to predict when the victory, and when she came increases the size of the bet. To be honest, I really do not know if this will work because all the casino uses sophisticated algorithms to ensure that all the spins are totally random.

A council is to ensure that the machine that will play, pay by way of a relationship, this does not mean they will pay the same percentage against the currencies you use, for example, play 2 parts and win 6, then in a machine of equal proportion to wait 30 pieces to win with 10 rooms, some slot machines online to reduce the percentage by playing fewer parts.

If you find a strategy that works for you, which is used only when you win, and when you start losing, it’s time to take any other approach, or in extreme cases, go to another casino.

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Jul 03

Gambling in casinos online starts before you bet

Online casinos are undoubtedly one of the main sources of entertainment today is not because of anything because at home you can find a wide variety of games and promotions that we Not only have fun but no money.

Every day there are thousands of people who all they do is to bet everything they have filed and I hope in two days is nothing, this is not the fault of the online casinos, but they know not to bet, because he who see huge profits but of course all the tables are another type of players.

The good thing about playing at an casinos online, no matter what it is to help us relieve stress and have fun but I recommend you do not choose the first casino encountered, I recommend you choose the best promotions that will bring you and that ultimately is more fun because there was no money or will pay much more money.

Even if there are casinos that retain a percentage of profits there are others who are responsible to repay a percentage of what was lost and it’s something we should consider making you more money. I hope that you follow these tips for playing online casinos or rather the election that is ultimately the first major decision they took into their game.

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Jul 03

Facebook: stop the advertising of poker rooms

Facebook says stop the advertising of gambling sites and poker rooms on the popular social network. Apparently this is not a sudden choice to protect minors from gambling, but a move of interest, since the partnership with Zynga, the software house that takes care of this free poker on Facebook, is to become a platform fee.

This news brought a huge surprise because the most popular social network in the world, was the place preferred by gaming sites and online gaming platforms, to generate publicity and draw obviously great advantages. Facebook is also the haunt of many players to upload photos of victories and defeats and to react together, so often seemed to be the link between the poker room on the right ads, attracting the attention of the player, who often clicked the ad appeared, just to see what he had to offer, that the poker room.

Before long, so the links of platforms for online gaming and poker rooms will no longer be visible on Facebook and all that for eliminating competition and launch its product in the hands of millions of customers.

Jul 02

Jackpot Superenalotto to 103.5 million shares

The current competition of Superenalotto jackpot continues to climb, and in the next drawing, which will happen tomorrow, is giving away, for those who were to hit the 6 winning numbers, well 103 million and a half euros. The award is the second place prize in the ranking of the famous Italian lottery, surpassed only by the 147.8 million euros won in Bagnone August 22, 2009, and currently is still the highest jackpot prize in the world, pulling over the Mega Millions 20 million euros.

If the stakes do not vary and no one would guess the 6 numbers, the 148 million records can be reached in 12 weeks. Meanwhile, the stakes increase, because Saturday were played more than 41.9 million columns, just 7.4% more than the previous Saturday, when they were played at 39 million.

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Jul 02

Win every day Euro 2010 tournament at Titan Poker Night

Titan Poker has decided to offer a richer and happier in 2010 to all its players and this has launched for the entire month of December and January next year a new promotion called “2010 New Year Promotion”.

Through this special promotion every player of the famous online poker room may well win Euro 2010 in cash every day simply by participating in tournaments that are played every evening at 20:10 GMT.

The total prize pool guaranteed to be paid through this series of tournaments is well 120.000 Euro.

At the “2010 New Year Promotion” anyone can participate and there are tournaments for all tastes and levels so no one should be regarded as exempt from being able to win the jackpot.

Every day there are at Titan Poker online poker tournaments is dedicated to enthusiasts of cash games that lovers of multi-table tournaments or who prefer Sit’n go.

During these two months, all players participating in any tournament at Titan Poker will become part of a special classification that is based on the activity and movements of each player’s game.

But the highlight comes at the end of day with an evening meeting of the tournaments that are played at 20:10 GMT each of which will win Euro 2010 best player of the evening.
The buy in for participation in this tournament is only 2 euros.

Furthermore, new players will have even more chances to win the rich prize money as Titan Poker has decided to reward the players who have registered recently with 4 free entries to tournaments Freeroll, each of which is giving away 2010 Euros!

To participate in this special promotion all players who have not yet done so can not lose this opportunity and simply download Titan Poker on your PC and start playing with this fantastic online poker room that you will remain amazed by its features graphical and user-friendly.

But there will be only poker tournaments, in fact, for fans of other racing games there will always be won Euro 2010 also has slot machines at Titan Poker and all’appassionante Lotto Madness game.

Do not you just have to come in and take part of it to this attractive and must-tournament series to bring home the spoils of the richest prize money in as possible!

Jul 01

How to make money: online casinos could be a solution?

Who has never wondered if there is a way to earn money on the internet? Probably something a little ‘All of us have wondered at least once, and especially in this period that is not exactly the most rosy in the economy, finding a way to make money from the comfort of your own home using the Internet is not all bad .

A solution could perhaps be represented by some casino games online, but is certainly not a simple thing, because not only must know how to play, but also understand the game for groped their lot, and be able to choose the most convenient and reliable online casino.

It’s important to note that online casinos offer payout percentage much cheaper than land-based casino, this for one simple reason: the online casinos do not have to bear all the costs that must face every day in the casino instead of cement and bricks and can therefore invest the excess money in prize money, in other words, if you choose to play on a slot machine in a live casino, there is a percentage payment that hardly reaches 80%, while in the best casino slot machines online, the same far exceeds 95% in most cases.

Online casinos also offer progressive jackpots that tend to become very rich, and this makes them very attractive, several people in hopes of winning a jackpot millionaire try their luck in contests with prizes like Superenalotto, Win for Life or various Scratch Vinci, without thinking about the fact that the chances of winning these games are really very small.

An example of this new competition Sisal, Win for Life, in which case the payout percentage is incredibly low, we are at 37.37%, this means that for every dollar that a player bets a Win for Life, is returned in the form of win only about 37%, or 37 cents, up from 97/98 cents slot machines online, and if winning Win for Life is hard, win the Superenalotto is even more.

That’s why this type of competition, or the casino games and live rooms, are discouraged to earn, while the online casino can make the content very easily, but you must know how to move, how to bet, choose which games … The slot machines, especially progressive ones, can be a solution, the chances of success are greater, but it is hoping for a stroke of luck, another solution would instead be represented by games such as roulette or blackjack.

Earning money playing blackjack online is possible, but you must know the rules of the game, learn the systems of betting, and knowing how to apply the right strategies, blackjack is a game in which the experience and skill of the player holding a fundamental role, and you can win real money by applying the best strategies.
Also play roulette may give some satisfaction, although it is a game of chance, to win at roulette online you can use systems of betting, there are many, find what works best for you and try it features a player in online casinos with bonus richer.