Poker Beginner’s Guide: Multi-game tables

Always on the lookout for good sites on poker, I discovered this week a very nice tips for those who want to play poker online. This is a poker guide for beginners. There is a section with a lot of interesting tips to learn how to play poker.

multi-table poker
When you start playing poker, it often takes some time before deciding to commit the chips at once. While this poses no particular problem when you play a game live with friends or even in a casino, online poker rooms don’t let time stand gaping. Online time you’ll often no more than a minute to take your decision, and most of the time you have 30 seconds or less.

Fortunately, it usually takes little time to adjust to the rhythm of the net. After playing regularly online dozens of games you start to get a better appreciation for this time scale and your decisions will become increasingly rapid. You then realize that many decisions of your games are relatively standard and you do not wait to get bored on a single table. For many players, the solution is to do something else while they play. They post on a forum, put their status updates on Facebook, watching TV or any other activity not requiring sustained attention and to deal as soon as you’re not involved in a hand. More often, another option is self-evident: multi-table, that is to say, play multiple parts simultaneously.

By definition, multi-game tables implies a greater number of decisions in the same period of time, and whether you play two, three or twenty-four tables, this time for reflection can be significantly shortened or reduced to its simplest expression. But what drives us to multi-table? First, play multi-tables is one of the advantages of online poker for purely practical and fairly obvious. Secondly, it is the perfect way to winning players to increase their profits, just like being able to work full time on several stations at once.

A reasonably good player of NL100 can expect a profit of $ 5 per hour while playing an average of 100 hands per hour at a table of 6 players max profit is usually translated as ‘language-game cash’ by 5BB / 100 hands. This is not a very impressive figure, far from it, but it is not so low as that. If you decide to earn more, there is no one answer. In fact there are two necessary, the first consisting of up to limit and more expensive to play against probably the toughest opponents. On the other hand the time necessary adaptation to your new opponents suggests that you will not win right away and you lose even before you find your ‘win rate’ (your hourly rate of earnings) as usual.

The other solution is to play several tables at once. Besides the fact that you should logically increase your profits, playing on more than one table may paradoxically help your concentration as the game much monopolizes your attention now.

When starting to build multi-table, often we are content to play on two tables simultaneously, then three, then four and so on gradually as you feel more comfortable with this technique game the question remains: when should you begin to build multi-consistently? The answer is simple: you can start multi-table when you notice that unless you play table, the less you earn per hour in the long term. Although this principle and set seems pretty obvious he is no less important and it is imperative that you be perfectly honest with yourself on this point.

When you start to multi-table, the most important thing is that you’re actually winning the limits you play. If your results are negative, by multiplying the tables only aggravates your loss. In terms of bankroll, you will not need a bigger pool: a bankroll management standard is still appropriate.

In relevance two effects of the transition to multi-table will be felt: the time (measured in number of hands and not hours) you to put up or down limits will be much shorter. Similarly the ‘swing’, those times when you win or lose much because of the variance will be much more marked.

The importance of a good internet connection

First, knowing that you probably play on many sites, you choose where you go multi-table. Also make sure that your internet connection is reliable and that your computer can handle the load of multiple tables simultaneously. If you play ten tables at the same time, find themselves disconnected ten minutes can cost you a tenth of basements by disconnection. If this happens several times a day you put in a position to become lost and secondarily tilter without even playing.

Choose your online poker software

Regarding the software of the online poker room that you choose, make sure it is the less greedy in terms of possible resources from your computer but also choose a program that allows to have as many tables as you want on your screen. Among other criteria, and keep count on one hand the speed of software and other reserve time allowed for each shot (according to different online poker rooms). This will remove some pressure on the most important decisions.

Generally, the more you have options to customize the tables, it will be better. This includes the possibility to reduce the tables to a minimum while retaining good readability of maps, stacks and amounts of betting. If possible, disable the options that are not essential as animations, avatars, background images etc. distracting. At chart is also generally highly recommended to play with four colors of cards instead of two. This will avoid some costly mistakes throughout your playing career online. At the sound, turn up all the sounds, and keep only the alerts you that you start your ‘time banking’. Some software can replace standard sounds by others that you have chosen. Often the default ringtones are quite unnecessarily stressful.

Other options that can help you multi-table, a very useful tool and one that can set a favorite seat. This allows you to be still sitting in the same place and you will not lose a second to get your avatar on a table. Another option available is the time function re-buy automatic (self-reloading), allowing you to buy more chips when your stack falls below a predetermined amount. All these options make the game multi-table easier.

The disadvantage of play multi-tables is of course your ability to read your opponents is very much handicapped. In addition, you have less time to study each shot, which forces you to make better decisions in a shorter time.

Conclusion on the play multi-tables

For professional players who live as those who rely on poker to supplement their monthly income, the goal of the game is to maximize the rate of hourly earnings. The multi-game tables is one way of achieving this. This means that you play quite a number of tables to increase the number of hands played per hour significantly, and raise your rate of long-term gains. To do this you must put all the odds in your favor by creating the gaming environment as favorable as possible and adopting a style of play steady and profitable.

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