Dec 14

Divide even numbers in Blackjack

One of the myths in blackjack is the division of even numbers, is by this that we must consider some aspects of this “mystery” that holds various activities precise and sometimes complex for many and never think to separate the numbers pairs called 10, or pairs of 5 for providing us with possibilities.

blackjackIf in case you have given a score in his letters of 20 with an even number of ten you need to do in this case.

On the one hand it is necessary to verify the conditions of the likelihood that you as the player to deal with the dealer, conditions or on the contrary the chances must be high on the other hand if you have two 5 will get a total of 10 for which he will option of taking a score that will be established with a possibility of increasing them 10 points can get 10 more to score 20.

It is always necessary to remember that even numbers are sums of pairs of Aces and 8 in the two options you can increase the likelihood of receiving letters with the value 10, then you could say you have a hand that totals 21, this for the pair of Aces or 18 for the pair of 8, is by this that it reduces the chances of the dealer facing it with the best hands.

Taking into account these actions is one of the best betting system in blackjack, as this has proven to be one of those that contain more playing to win benefits.

Dec 14

Experts in the game of blackjack (Part 2)

blackjackJohn Ferguson tells how, at the age of 12 years, began to calculate the potential gains and probabilities in blackjack, but because of his age, could not be implemented until several years later.

The year was 1964, when John Ferguson visited its first casino and was finally able to apply the calculations I had done. Graduated from Stanford University with a doctorate in statistics and finance.

His first nickname Nevada Smith, but as another writer used the pseudonym to Stanford Wong changed, which is an acronym for an Asian last name and the university where I studied. This nickname was and is known as one of the great masters of blackjack and made you take one of the stalls of the famous Blackjack Hall of Fame.

He has played professionally since 1976, a year after writing his first book “Professional Blackjack” which still continues to be published as reference.

Wong or wonging The term was adopted by players as synonymous with the technology developed by Stanford Wong blackjack to beat the casinos in the eighties. This technique is to observe a game of Blackjack without risking money (from outside) until it is advantageous to begin to count cards and bet only when there is a high probability of favorable calculation for the player against the house, then get to meet up is a new opportunity.

Wong is co-creator of the first hand Blackjack Analyzer software, originally designed for personal use, but was later converted into a commercial program.

To date, he has written 15 books on blackjack and offers courses for those wishing to learn more about the game.

Dec 13

Experts in the game of blackjack (Part 1)

blackjackRecognized globally for its reputation as the best blackjack players in the world they live off the tips they offer to players wishing to enter the exciting world of gambling, whether in a real casino or an online casino .

Among these masters of blackjack may appoint Arnold Snyder, who was among the first to be inducted into the Hall of Fame Blackjack. Among the fans of Blackjack that name is considered a legend. With an outgoing personality, arrogant in the game of high and very intelligent perception has been devoted to playing blackjack professionally for 30 years.

Since 1981 is engaged to advise, recommend and teach for free to anyone wishing to become professional actors and those who simply want to perfect their technique and strategies.

Arnold Snyder has written six books on blackjack, which today are like a bible of techniques and tips for blackjack players most hardened of this game.

Not content with these activities and feel satisfied with the simulation software available on the market, has actively participated in the creation of a map of simulated counting program to be more effective and yield better performance in this match. The same thing is currently used by thousands of players and their distribution is under the domination of Free Software.

In addition, Arnold Snyder is a virtual library in which all existing technical challenge has been properly tested, and hundreds of articles and lessons to learn to count cards, are some of the documents has been devoted to the collection.

Dec 13

The Art of Card Counting in Blackjack

To begin, it is important to note that in blackjack the ability to “count” letters is extremely necessary. First, is the most effective way to increase your chances of winning and, moreover, is a mental ability to do good, the house may notice that you are counting cards.

blackjackThe number of words is not true: In fact, it is expected that the player begins to count cards one by one, because the goal is not how many letters there. The idea of counting cards is closer to the possibility of determining probability, if the house is high or low cards.

What is card counting?: It is the act by which we can determine the report cards of high value and low value cards. These are favorable to the bench, while those favoring the player.

Letters to the high value and low: The casino must follow specific rules when deciding whether to take a new letter, so, depending on the value of the remaining cards in the stack, the player will increase its development or not.

For example, the house must always ask you if you are under 17 and if the bridge is most likely low value cards will likely be able to get a blackjack or nearby. Conversely, if there are high value cards happen can be 22 and lost.

Dec 12

Learn all the rules of casino games

It should never be any doubt about the operation and rules of casino games. If we want to bet on a game of chance, it must ensure at least that we know perfectly all its rules, to ensure that we are not confusing at all, or we lose no chance that the casino offers us in betting opportunities that could save us a lot more money, but we ignore them at the door of the casino, we had open.

Let’s look a little closer to what we are talking about. For example, we all know what are the basic elements that make the game of blackjack. We all know that we put our Paris before the dealer begins distributing the cards. They were then split and a number of options open to us.

The basics, of course, is that we get to 21 or as near as possible, trying, of course, not go, because it allows us to compete and our initial bet would automatically into the coffers of banks with the concessionaire, namely the representative of the casino in this game.

There are cases where it is very likely that the same dealer gets a blackjack, a move that would undermine much to all players at the table. This is particularly true when the first card and visible from the judiciary is an ace. Then, in some casinos, there is the possibility of putting a piece on the bench as insurance. Something we should have consulted before, to keep this possibility.

Dec 12

Definition of gambling (Part 1)

Currently you can find axioms of poker who have set it as a game of chance, sports, art, among others.

gambleBut generally designed as a card game that is part of the series of games of chance is called, which means it is a form of chance-based game where some players make a deposit in according to a contingent event (which may or may not happen) that would be the best combination of cards, with the aim of obtaining more money.

The bet is made after the cards hidden in a filing that will increase as levels safe place for the game, the less the chance of earning higher profits.

However, this game will not qualify strictly as a gamble because for a player to beat your opponents requires great skill to play and know when to do each move, this ratio is what has led to numerous exhibitors question and the players to define it as a sport with characteristics similar to those failures.

The degree of skill of some players suggested that many critics of the issue have not measured the extent of capacity and skills relevant to the game, it would be illogical to say that chance is not a decisive factor in the game, but will always hand in hand with other qualities.